1. Interviews: Kyle Kinane

    The internet has turned the entirety of the industrialized world into something surprisingly similar to the DIY punk scene. For those who remember a world before the internet became a household utility, you might recall a time when people found out about bands almost entirely through word of mouth. In the days before Punknews was a thing, and MRR and HeartattaCk were hard to find, people learned about their bands from friends and voices within the culture. Punk scenes since the late ’70s have functioned on tribalism. Read American Hardcore, and notice how it’s organized: There are different sections for different regions and different chapters for different states, each with their own bands, venues, slang, style of dress and general milieu. There is still a mainstream-a collection of “normal” interests-but it’s far more facile and fickle than ever before. There’s often more power in the many cultural tribes that now thrive in the small venues and message boards and blogs. It’s the reason why seeing Kyle Kinane's Death of the Party on the Best New Music section of Punknews had such a powerful effect.

    It often seems that the people for whom the DIY punk scene was an integral part of their growth are often now following interesting and less-traveled paths, almost as if the scene gave them an advantage in this new world, or ingrained in them some kind of crucial value. Kyle Kinane came up in the small punk venues and comedy clubs of Chicago and his success has paralleled that of the fellow Chicago comics with whom he shared those small stages, comics like Matt Braunger and Kumail Namjiani. While Kinane’s narrative, grown-up slacker brand of standup has resonated with comedy enthusiasts, it seems to have especially resonated with those who came from similar beginnings. Perhaps touring with no money and sleeping on couches was good practice for a world where even major label bands are sometimes expected to pay their own way on tour.

    Punknews staff writer Jon Reiss caught up with Kinane to find out the extent to which punk has played a part in his adult life, and how it does-or does not-reconcile itself with the comedy lifestyle.

    via Punknews.org (http://pnkn.ws/144geLX)

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