1. New Review Update: Friday, December 28 2012

    It’s been a heck of a year for music. Just to give you context, the staff combined voted for 165 albums for our best of 2012 list. From that, we present to you our top 20, along with our top five EPs (out of a mere 80 candidates), which we made using math stuff. Of course, this list is just a sampler of the staff lists, which you can check out here. There’s some good stuff in there. Stay tuned for the readers list as well

    On a personal note, I’ll be stepping down as Reviews Editor for a bit to focus on my family. It’s been fun and frustrating in equal measures, Org. Bryne Yancey will be stepping in for the interim, so send him your demos and/or money. Oh, and listen to Torche more.

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      Punknews names Candy Hearts' The Best Ways to Disappear the runner-up EP of the year. What was your favorite?
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