1. Remembering Joe Strummer, Ten Years Later

    Joe Strummer December 22, 2002 is a date we all remember. It’s the day that Joe Strummer left us far too soon, at the young age of 50 and seemingly in the midst of a creative resurgence. The news sent shockwaves throughout the punk community; the outpouring of memories and emotions displayed upon his death remain fresh in our minds a decade later. Joe was an architect of our scene, and it’s impossible to think about where we would all be without the music of the Clash guiding and empowering us. No one band took the punk ethos-social awareness, personal politics, loud guitars-to heights like they did. Mass audiences, both in the UK and abroad, were ready for change. Joe and the Clash stirred things up, and eventually showcased such a wide breadth of influences-and did it so seamlessly-that their talent and appeal became impossible to ignore, and their own influence became and remains immeasurable.

    Whether it was The Clash, the Mesacleros or even The 101ers-Joe Strummer’s music remains just as vital as it did ten, twenty and thirty years ago. We’re all better off for him having been here.

    On this day, the tenth anniversary of Joe’s passing, Punknews.org staff members pay tribute. If you can spare it, consider making a small donation to Strummerville today.

    via Punknews.org (http://pnkn.ws/TKsytG)

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      Raise a toast to Saint Joe Strummer.
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      Over at Punknews, some of my colleagues and I remember the late, great Joe Strummer.
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