1. Hot Water Music detail ‘Live in Chicago’ 3LP/2CD/DVD release

    Hot Water Music No Idea Records has set a release for the long-awaited triple LP/double CD and DVD release of Hot Water Music's Live in Chiago. Due out January 15, 2013, No Idea said this:

    "I am still in love with the music of HWM as much now as ever. The spirit, the lifting, is still present in everything they do. When they were not a band, there was a void and when they decided to play a couple more shows in 2008 we simply had to find a way to document the events. That effort eventually netted a 6-record series of very limited EPs. And then the band recorded a stellar new album, which came out earlier this year. The plan to release the live recordings as a full album took a backseat, but has percolated… and is finally ready to go. Call it a labor of love, crank it up, and sing along

    The 3xLP includes a download code, specific colored vinyl, and features 30 songs in 90 minutes, pulled from both nights. The label is promising six versions of the 3xLP, all in runs of 550. They will be Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and White. The ink color on the covers will match the vinyl color inside.

    Along with the 30 song audio portion, an 80-minute, 24-song live DVD of night two will be included. All three discs are housed in a sturdy, plastic-free, three-pocket jacket.

    via Punknews.org (http://pnkn.ws/W60III)

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