1. New Review Update: July 31, 2014

    Adam E. back with three new reviews and a plea: Please stop with the Sharknado. Just stop. That is all.

    Today’s reviews are:

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  2. Music Videos: Iron Reagan: “Eyeball Gore” (Lyric Video)

    Iron Raegan has posted a lyric video for “Eyeball Gore” which will appear on their forthcoming album The Tyranny Of Will which is due out September 16, 2014.

    Singer Tony Foresta on the “Eyeball Gore” Lyric Video:
    This song is our tribute to all things “Eyeball Gore” related in motion pictures. Our people piled over hours of disgusting footage to make this lovely video possible. I hope you all enjoy/barf in your mouth. Long live “Eyeball Gore!”

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  3. Restorations release teaser for LP3

    Restorations Restorations released a trailer for their upcoming album, LP3 , recorded earlier this year. Recently, the band also recorded material for Call + Response, a Washington DC art project, that will open in October (co-curated by Punknews’ own Kira Wisniewski). Restorations will also be hitting the road in September on their way up to Riot Fest in Toronto.

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  4. Andrew Jackson Jihad cover Stone Temple Pilots

    Andrew Jackson Jihad As part of the AV Club’s Undercover series, Andrew Jackson Jihad recently played a cover song chosen from a list of options presented to them by the AV Club. The band decided to cover “Plush” by The Stone Temple Pilots.

    You can see the video here. The band released Christmas Island earlier this year.

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  5. On Tour: Dangers / Graf Orlock / Holy (US)

    DangersLos Angeles hardcore punk band Dangers is joining Ceremony for a few shows on the west coast and have also announced an east coast tour with Graf Orlock and Holy.

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  6. On Tour: Comeback Kid / Rotting Out / Relentless (Australia)

    Comeback KidComeback Kid has announced an Australian tour in October. They will be touring to support their latest album Die Knowing. Rotting Out and Relentless will be joining Comeback Kid on this tour.

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  7. New Music: Frontier(s): ‘White Lights’

    Frontier(s) Frontier(s) are streaming their new EP, White Lights. It’s out August 5, 2014 via Tiny Engines. The band is the new project from former Elliott singer Chris Higdon.

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  8. New Music: Nachtmystium: “Tear You Down”

    Nachtmystium Nachtmystium has posted the first song from what will be their final album. The record is titled The World We Left Behind and is due out August 5, 2014.

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  9. Senses Fail: “AM/PM” (American Nightmare)

    Give Up The Ghost Senses Fail have posted an unexpectedly faithful cover of the American Nightmare track “AM/PM.” The original song appeared on the band’s 2001 album Background Music.

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  10. Samhain announces lineup for upcoming shows

    Samhain Although Samhain recently announced a short string of shows centered around its Riot Fest date, it was unclear just who would be in the band aside from Glenn Danzig. Well, the band has announced a lineup. On this short tour, Samhain’s lineup will include The ‘Zig, as well as Steve Zing and London May (who were in Samhain during the original run). Though both Zing and May played drums and bass on various Samhain tracks, it’s likely that Zing will play bass while May will play the drums.

    On guitar will be Peter Adams of Baroness. This string of shows will be the first Samhain gigs since a short 1999 reunion as well as the first with Adams in the lineup.

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